Smile… You’re On Stage

Smile… You’re On Stage

As parents, we have all felt the joy of seeing our children smile. Each smile is so unique and rich in positive, loving emotions. Smiling is more than the physical expression of the lips and teeth. A genuine smile envelops the whole face especially the eyes. A heart-warming smile engages both the muscles around the mouth and the muscles around the eyes. A just to be “nice” kind of smile only activates the muscles around the lips. “When children are performing on stage and the tone of the dance is jovial, children should be encouraged to smile with the whole face, eyes and lips”, says Pina Mazza, RDH at Maple Dental Hygiene Care.

Some tips that will revitalize kids to smile radiantly, while doing what they love to do best, dancing on stage are:

01. Talk to your child about smiling on stage in advance of the performance. Mentor them days before.

02. Inspire your child to feel comfortable, smiling with their entire face. Smile with them!

As kids grow into young adults, they become more conscience of smiling and often tend to smile less.

03. Encourage your child to smile in front of a mirror. When they see themselves smiling, they will begin to feel more at ease smiling anywhere and anytime. Practice with them!

04. Encourage your child to relax the lower jaw. A relaxed lower jaw allows for a more natural smile, when the lower jaw is too tight (clenched) the smile will look forced.

William Shakespeare wrote, “All the worlds is a stage.” Whether we are children or adults we all need to master the art of genuinely smiling. We all need to smile more, while taking care of the everyday details because we are all performers on the grand stage of life.

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