Michelle Zarb, Rugcutterz Alumni

Michelle Zarb, Rugcutterz Alumni

Meet Michelle Zarb, she is currently studying childhood education and even though she graduated as our Rugcutterz Alumni, she continues to take classes once a week at the studio.

How Long Have You Been Dancing at Rugcutterz?

Michelle: I started dancing when I was 4 years old, but I have been at Rugcutterz for six years.

What Do You Like Most About Dance?

Michelle: What I like most is being able to have a way to express yourself and also, dance is like having a second family with all your friends and your teachers.

Is That What You Like Most About Rugcutterz?

Michelle: What I like most about Rugcutterz is that it is really a family environment. Everyone is so friendly and you really look up to older dancers, your teachers are so caring and amazing. It is a really good environment to be in.

How Do You Feel When You Perform?

Michelle: Being onstage is like nothing else, being able to be on stage and performing something you love is a great experience; especially being able to do it with all your friends. Then no matter what the outcome was, as long as you did your best and you were happy when you performed is what made it an amazing experience.

What Was Your Last Recital Like?

Michelle: Dancing at my last recital was so bittersweet because it was a great way to end off, it was such a good season and I had so many of friends were there. But it was sad because you don’t want stop, it’s just a bittersweet moment.

Do You Still Dance?

Michelle: I still dance, I currently do practice once a week at the studio. It’s so nice to be back and still be able to do classes once a week.

What’s your favorite style of dance?

Michelle: My favourite style of dance is tap. I really like the different rhythms and it’s something that came more natural to me. I just really enjoyed it.

Has Dance Helped You In Any Way?

Michelle: Dance helped me become more outgoing. Also, with working with children and having the dance background, I can always do dance programs with work centers and different things, so that’s good to have in that sort of way.

What Inspired You To Dance?

Michelle: The older students I looked up to. They always inspired me to work hard and become like them, and be able to do everything they were able to do.

Do You Have Any Words Of Advice For Any Kids That Want To Become Dancers?

Michelle: For anyone who wants to become a dancer is to just do your best, attend as many classes and try as many styles as you can; and as long as you are doing what you love and you follow your dreams then you can do whatever you want.