How To Encourage Your Child To Start Dance Classes

How To Encourage Your Child To Start Dance Classes

There are many reasons that a child may not want to start dance classes. Many children may feel as though they are incompetent dancers. They may feel embarrassed or hesitant to start dance classes for the same reasons that adults feel embarrassed or hesitant to start the gym. These excuses as well as many others are what children will claim in order to “save themselves” from dance classes. Here are some of the things they may say and how parents can reassure and redirect positivity and encouragement towards dance classes.

“I’m not good enough!”

It is common for timid and shy children to feel like they aren’t good enough at a particular activity to join in on the fun. It is important to stop this train of thought in it’s track before it grows into a festering weed of self-consciousness.

Encourage your child to try dance regardless of their “lack of talent” by reminding them that dance classes is a place where people learn. Also, remind them you won’t know whether you are good at anything without trying it in the first place.

“I won’t know anybody there!”

Doing or starting things alone can be intimidating. There are always questions of whether people will like you, if you’ll be accepted, or if you’ll have someone with whom to speak. These unanswered questions easily dissuade people from starting something they may potentially love.

Remind your child that they will make friends at dance class. Dance class at Rugcutterz Danz Artz in Vaughan is a wonderful place that builds and endlessly promotes teamwork, trust, and life–long friendships. It’s an environment where your child will always feel like they are part of a loving community.

“I’ll be too embarrassed and shy.”

Always remind your child that there are so many benefits to dancing and that it is fun and exciting to learn new things. Reminding them that almost every new student feels the same way can be beneficial for helping them overcome their initial hesitance to start dance classes.

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