How Eating Disorders Affect Dancers

How Eating Disorders Affect Dancers

Eating disorders are an unfortunate reality within the dance community. It is very easy for dancers to become obsessed with their image and do anything to achieve their personal definition of “perfection”. This often involves slipping into incredibly unhealthy eating disorders. Not only do these habits cause serious physical damage, but they also cause serious mental damage as well.

Types of eating disorders:
There are many different types of eating disorders that come with their own set of challenges. Some of the most common ones include:
– Anorexia nervosa (restrictive eating)
– Bulimia nervosa (binge eating and self-induced vomiting/ laxative use)
– Binge eating disorders
– Compulsive overeating

When an eating disorder is developed, it is not uncommon for the person to experience other types of eating disorders in addition to the one they have, slipping up and down the eating disorder continuum.

For dancers, this is often triggered by the need to be perfect, which means a variety of things to different dancers. Dancers of certain dance styles might want to be smaller and lighter in order to perform better jumps/be lifted easily while others may feel as though they are too skinny and therefore “ugly” as they perform their dance style.

Warning signs of eating disorders
– Obsessive comparison to others
– Harsh self-critique
– Idealizing a “perfect” shape
– Going through drastic measures to lose weight

Your drive for perfection should never steal your love of your ability to dance. If you begin to see or feel any of these warning signs within yourself or your fellow dancers, talk to someone you trust and seek out professional help immediately.

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