Get Your Child Ready For This Year’s Dance Season

Get Your Child Ready For This Year’s Dance Season

Dance season is approaching and registration time is already here. Just as some parents have already taken the initiative to register their kids and are now preparing for the next dance season, there are also those who are still wondering if dance is the right fit for their child, or simply, if their child is old enough.

No matter what your situation is, we want to make sure that you are confident with your decision. Here are a couple of tips to get your child ready for the next dance season.


Is your child ready to start dance lessons or classes? Depending on where you go, the answer to this question may vary. However, at Rugcutterz we believe that the right age to start your child is when they are two and a half years old.

There are a variety of reasons why two and a half is the perfect age:

  •  Children are toilet trained.
  •  Attention span is longer; therefore kids will be able to focus on the creative moment and body control that they need to dance.
  •  Kids are more confident and are able to be separated from their moms and take direction from someone else.
  •  Bones are stronger

If your child is older, take into consideration their emotional maturity and personality. Talk to your child about dance and the benefits it will bring, such as fun, friendships and fitness. Sometimes forcing your child may make them uncomfortable and discourage them from dancing altogether. However, if your child is ready, starting them in dance will give them the boost they need to succeed.


Rugcutterz Danz Artz has a variety of offerings depending on the child’s age.

  •  Kids Three to Four Years Old: Have an option of joining Ballet, Tap and Jazz.
  •  Kids Five Years Old: Can choose from Hip-Hop, Acro, Jazz, Tap and Ballet.
  •  Kids Six Years Old and Onwards: Can register in Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, Acro, Jazz, Tap and Ballet Dance Lessons.
  •  Kids Ten Years Old and Onwards: Have the opportunity to choose Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Acro, Jazz, Tap and Ballet.

Rugcutterz offers two different types of programs, Recreational and Competitive. The dance programs are designed to instill a love of dance in an environment that promotes fun, fitness and learning. Our instructors have been specially chosen not only for their dance qualifications, but also for their caring and patient approach to teaching.

If it’s your child’s first time dancing, enroll them in the different types of dance available. This way, your child can experience the different rhythms and choreographies that will in turn help them choose the style they like most and stick with it the following year.


One of the most exciting parts about getting your child started in dance lessons is shopping for your child’s leotards, tights and shoes.


Some classes, such as Ballet, may require specific articles or styles of dancewear. So before buying ask your child’s dance teacher what you should buy. However, if there are no specific styles or colours of clothing that you should keep in mind, make this a fun experience for your son or daughter! Look at the different styles and colours of the dancewear with your child, and let them choose the ones they like best, this will allow them to feel more comfortable and increase their excitement to start their dance classes. *Note: Have your child try on the leotards as they fit differently than normal clothes.


The most important part of the dance outfit are the shoes. Dance shoes must be bought with great care as each style and design are made for specific dance styles. Dance shoes are meant to prevent injuries and insure optimal performance, therefore proper fit is very important. If your child’s shoes do not fit properly they can damage their feet, legs and ankles. To learn about Rugcutterz’s recreational classroom attire, click here (insert link