Fun and Easy Dance Themed DIY Crafts and Décor To Make

Fun and Easy Dance Themed DIY Crafts and Décor To Make

We can all thank Pinterest for the surge of DIY tips and tricks that often flow through the Internet and into our homes. DIY craft and décor making is not only a creative way to have fun, but also a healthy way to bond and spend time with your family outside of the realm of television and other all consuming electronics.

Over the next little while we will be sharing DIY centered blog posts that will include some of our favourite dance themed projects. Whether you want to brighten up a bedroom with ballerina art, treat your child’s dancing feet to homemade, soothing foot powder or learn beauty hacks to get you through that upcoming dance competition, then continue reading this article; and stay tuned for other posts to come in our DIY dance themed crafts and décor blog series.


We are leaping into this DIY series with a very bright and exciting craft. This colourful “Melted Crayon Ballerina Wall Art” tutorial is becoming increasingly popular. Not only will you learn to easily create cheerful art but also, the process of creating it is just oh so satisfying.

To start, you will need a canvas, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, a hair dryer, a large assortment of crayons (“guestimate” how many you will need depending on the size of your canvas; usually crayons come in a box of 64), and a stencil our cut-out image of a ballerina (tip: there are a lot of these printable images online). Also, do not forget to place newspaper or some form of protective sheet underneath your canvas as this colourful task can get a little messy.

The first step is to pick out the colours that you want to use and line them up on the canvas until you run out of space. Once you have decided on your lineup, peel the paper label off of the crayons (you are more then welcome to keep them on though)!

Second, using your glue gun to make a line of glue across the crayon and quickly place them back on to the canvas with the tips facing downward. After setting up your colours, firmly hold your ballerina stencil to the area of the canvas where you want the image to appear. We recommend somewhere along the bottom where there will likely be more blank canvas space. Colour the stenciled image in with your marker colour of choice; we recommend black to really make this ballerina pop.

Once your crayons are glued on to your canvas, and your ballerina has been drawn, stand your canvas up against a wall with the protective sheets/papers still underneath it.

This next step is where the fun really begins because now you get to fire up your blow dryer and get melting. You may have to experiment with the heat settings depending on how fast your dryer works to melt the wax. Side note: this process works best if you concentrate on one area at a time while guiding the wax downward.

Once you are happy with the look of your melted wax, lay the canvas on its backside and let it cool. Congratulations, you are finished! Now all that’s left to do is to hang your art and enjoy the view.

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