Dancing Helps To Improve Your Child’s Eating Habits

Dancing Helps To Improve Your Child’s Eating Habits


Through many studies, doctors and scholars have found that the human brain can track the body’s nutritive status. Studies have also shown that because of this, people who are more active will have less chemical signals clouding their thoughts and reactions; due to the brain being able to absorb hormones that are released during exercise.

According to Doctor Jacques Courseault, certain chemicals that are within the brain, due to lack of exercise, result in more “noise” occurring in the brains neuropaths. When children are regularly physical, the hypothalamus hormone is released from the muscles and sent to the brain. Doctor Courseault states that this hormone will have a positive effect on the body as it helps to clear any “noise” that is disrupting thought processes.

Many studies show that children who are active are able to maintain more control with their eating habits as they can more clearly process what is beneficial for them and what can harm them. Just think, your child will be less likely to trade their apple for a package of dunkaroos with another student at school!

With regular physical activity also comes more structure and routine within a child’s everyday life. Your child will eat at more regular times and can better absorb the nutritional content within their food. As a parent, it is important to fuel children with foods known to energize and revitalize them so their bodies will reap the most benefits during exercise.


Where dancing factors into this study relies on the fact that dance provides cardio, builds strength and enhances motor skills, but also allows children to become more connected with their emotions. Dancing is an activity known to benefit people both physically and mentally as dancers learn to express themselves while becoming more aware of the emotions of others. Dancing, coupled with a proper, regulated nutritious diet, will not only help to control eating habits in children, but is more likely to influence them to remain regulated in diet and exercise for the greater portion of their lives. Dancing is known to instill healthy habits within children in multifaceted ways.

Seeing as Dance and other sports require time from athletes and their families, time management becomes of significant importance. Many parents rush their children to their after school activities having just returned from work. We want to help, and have therefore provided some snack ideas that are both healthy and quick to make.


Having healthy snacks ready for your children to grab and take with them to sports is always helpful. Making sure these snacks are not only nutritious but will help sustain their appetite during training is important. Below we have provided a couple of snack ideas that are sure to make both you and your children happy.

Pita Pockets!

This recipe is simple, healthy and only needs three ingredients. This snack is great because it provides children with the protein, healthy carbs and vitamin C that they need to perform during dance.


  • Cut a whole grain or gluten free pita into 4 quarters.
  • Shred half of a large carrot.
  • Take hummus (plain or flavoured; your choice), open up each pita quarter and spread a generous amount in each one.
  • Take your shredded carrot pieces and top off the hummus in each pita quarter.
  • You’re done, enjoy!

Fruit Dogs!

This snack is not only nutritious but it’s creatively funny and your kids will love it.


  • Start with a whole wheat or gluten free hot dog bun.
  • Open up the bun and spread a generous amount of peanut butter inside of it.
  • This snack works great with Bananas. If you have a banana handy, simply peel it and place it into the bun as if it is a hotdog. There you have it, a banana fruit dog that looks just like an actual hotdog, but healthy.
  • This snack idea is also great with strawberries. Clean and cut off the leaves of 4-6 strawberries.
  • We recommend that you slice the strawberry into quarter’s to make it easier for your child to chew.
  • Once finished, place the strawberry bits throughout the bun, now you have a strawberry fruit dog!

For added flavour, squeeze some honey on to your fruit dog as if it is mustard!

We hope you have found some “snackspiration” in this post. Be sure to check out other “No Stress” School snacks from www.parents.com for more great snack ideas!