Using Dance To Boost Your Child’s Social Intelligence

Using Dance To Boost Your Child’s Social Intelligence

Did you know that dance can improve the emotional intelligence of your child?

As an integral part of their development, your child’s emotional intelligence is at the center of their social interactions day to day and in learning to understand, express and be self-aware of their own feelings. Dance is an amazing way to bring out the very best in your child and to encourage their interpersonal skills, empathy and awareness. Dance is considered one of the most comprehensive forms of both art and sport combined, it offers benefits that cannot be compared to another single activity that your child can participate in and is a fun, exciting, and entertaining way to help your child’s development and keep them physically fit!

Let’s take a look at how dance benefits your child’s social intelligence.

It connects them with their own feelings and the feelings of others…

● Dance makes your child more aware of their own emotions.

● As a dancer your child will gain empathy and the ability to understand others.

● It encourages social awareness that helps develop interpersonal skills.

● Through teamwork in dance your child gains the ability to cooperate with others.

Connecting with their own emotions and learning to channel the themes that are a part of the dance is a doorway through which your child can find themselves experiencing new feelings and developing a keen sense of what it means to understand what they are feeling and the feelings of others. Additionally, with the discipline and skills required to do this, your child is developing the ability to control their own emotions and use them in a constructive manner. This self-awareness, emotional control and empathy are key skills that your child can gain from a dedication to dance. Also, in working with their peers, our students learn how to cooperate, communicate and exercise the social skills and empathy that they develop through dance. Being a part of a group where each dancer relies on the other for a common goal promotes interpersonal skills and a teamwork experience that is both educational and highly rewarding at the same time. These are experiences that will positively impact your child and provide them with the tools they need to develop a social intelligence that will assist them as they grow. Dance will help your child connect with themself and with others, fostering important social skills that will benefit them throughout their life.

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