Accepting New Students!

Costume Care

We recommend that each student’s name is placed on his or her costume(s), shoes, accessories, and tights.

Dancers performing in only one number must arrive at the Rose Theatre in full costume.

Dancers with more than one costume should arrive in their first performance costume and clearly label their other costumes. Labels should include the

dancers name, class and required items (i.e. tights, shoe accessories).

Please refrain from eating or drinking anything that could stain the costume.

Dance Style Ages Shoes Required Nylons
Acro Ages 5 – Teen Bare Feet Balera Suntan Stir-Ups
Tap Ages 3 – Teen Black Tap Shoes Balera Suntan Tights
Jazz Ages 3 – Teen Black Jazz Shoes Balera Suntan Tights
Ballet Ages 3 – Teen Pink Ballet Shoes Balera Pink Tights
Hip Hop Ages 5 – Teen Running Shoes
See costume notes for specific colour
TBD By Teacher
Musical -Theatre Ages 6 – Teen Black Jazz Shoes             Balera Suntan Tights
Lyrical Age 10 – Teen Black Jazz Shoes Balera Suntan Tights

All dancers must have the proper shoe colour and nylons in order to perform. All nylons can be purchased directly from the front desk. Please see the front desk for specific style numbers and colour.

Any children with beige shoes must dye them black prior to their rehearsal.

No jewellery should be worn unless it is provided as part of the costume.

Hair Styles For Each Dance

All Classes:

Low Centred Donut Bun, No Part ( Hair must be neat, firmly in place with gel and secured with a hair net and bobby pins)

Makeup Application


Apply foundation over the entire face.


Apply white eyeshadow on the entire eyelid from lid to brow.

Apply brown eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid.

Apply mascara to the dancer’s eyelashes.


Apply pink blush to the cheekbones.


Apply bright red lipstick to the lips.

Costumes, Hair & Make Up

Costumes, Hair & Make Up