After-School Programs Increase Confidence and Discipline

After-School Programs Increase Confidence and Discipline

Parents want the best for their children- good marks at school, lots of friends and good health. It can however be frustrating to see a child holding back from doing their best, not because they can’t, but because they lack confidence and self-esteem.

Doctors and psychologists say high self-esteem is one of the most important character traits for children to have in order to succeed in life. Children who lack confidence get lower grades in school, get pressure from bullies, have fewer friends and succumb more easily to peer pressure. But what’s even scarier is that studies show that children who don’t address these traits before reaching their teens have a greater chance of remaining that way for the rest of their lives.

According to Sandra Marin of Rugcutterz Danz Artz in Vaughan, students’ are learning to develop confidence and self-esteem because “our program goes beyond teaching students leaps and turns. Our programs teach life skills, the mental and emotional tools that enable your child to achieve their goal of being the best person they can be.”

When parents are considering an after-school program for their child, they should investigate the programs they are considering. An after-school program not only teaches a skill set, such as dance, but also teaches children valuable life

skills that will help them everyday.

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up For After-School Activities

  • 1. Increasing physical activity improves overall health
  • 2. Participating in an activity reduces the amount of television/computer time
  • 3. Learning new skills develops co-ordination
  • 4. Involvement in after-school programs improves school grades
  • 5. Achieving new milestones develops self-esteem
  • 6. Joining organized programs teaches discipline
  • 7. Children learn to handle new challenges confidently
  • 8. After-school programs help children develop social skills
  • 9. Participating in activities creates develop social skills
  • 10. Extra-curricular programs help broaden a child’s horizons

Dance builds self-confidence.

When kids go through all of the motions required of a dance routine, they get in tune with their own bodies and get more comfortable in their skin. This, in turn, helps build overall self-confidence. This is particularly helpful to those with a physical or mental impairment who have to go through serious emotional issues.

Dance also helps students overcome stage fright or fear of audiences. At Rugcutterz, instructors are properly trained on how to create an atmosphere that supports the students to build a positive self-image and an overall positive experience.

Rugcutterz dance studio in Vaughan is the leading provider of dance classes for toddlers and dance classes for kids. Our hip hop dance classes, jazz dance classes, ballet classes for kids, acro dance classes, musical theatre dance classes, lyrical dance classes and contemporary dance classes are designed to educate, inspire and motivate your child, while developing self-confidence and communication skills with kids their age.