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Rugcutterz dance studio in Vaughan is the leading provider of dance classes for toddlers and dance classes for kids. Our hip hop dance classes, jazz dance classes, ballet classes for kids, acro dance classes, musical theatre dance classes, lyrical dance classes and contemporary dance classes are designed to educate, inspire and motivate your child while developing self-confidence and communication skills with kids their age.


Featuring six dance rooms, Rugcutterz Danz Artz is the largest dance studio in Vaughan, serving the communities of Concord, Thornhill, Kleinburg, Woodbridge, Maple and York Region including Richmond Hill and King City. Our award-winning dance lessons in Woodbridge start at age 2.5 to adult. Maple dance studio, Rugcutterz Danz Artz offers one of the most comprehensive recreational and competitive dance classes in Vaughan.

Children’s Dance Guarantee

We’re so sure your child will love the programs offered by Rugcutterz, that we offer a no-hassle guarantee.


We are the only studio that offers such a guarantee.


If for any reason your child does not finish the entire dance season:


We will refund the unused portion of your dance fees if paid in full, or


We will return any post-dated cheques we have on hand, or


We will refrain from processing future monthly fees on your credit card.


Applies to lesson fees only. Must give 60 days notice prior to cancellation. Costume deposits are non-refundable and depending on the month of cancellation, you could be responsible for the balance of the costume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should My Child Attend Rugcutterz Danz Artz?

Rugcutterz dance studio in Vaughan is the leading provider of children dance programs. Our hip hop dance classes, jazz dance classes, ballet classes for kids, acro dance classes, musical theatre dance classes, lyrical dance classes and contemporary dance classes are designed to educate, inspire and motivate your child while developing self-confidence and communication skills with kids their age.

Is Your Staff Trained?

Our knowledgeable, passionate and award-winning staff nurtures each child in a challenging, caring and motivational atmosphere. They have trained, developed and inspired our students to achieve their goals and reach their potential.

Our certified staff members have studied at the most reputable and respected dance schools and trained with well-known choreographers.

How Do I Register?

To register for any dance program, simply fill out our online registration form. Once we receive it, one of our staff members will be in touch with you within 1 business day to confirm method of payment details; completing the registration process.

Are Parents Allowed Into The Studio While Classes Are In Session?

Rugcutterz Danz Artz hosts Open House Viewing Dates throughout the season on select dates where parents are invited to attend their childs dance class.

Why Should You Enroll Your Child In Dance Classes?

Our dance classes for kids help foster a student’s confidence as well as encourages social interaction and promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. We encourage children of all ages to attend dance classes Vaughan as they not only learn dance skills and choreography, they also learn the skills of time management, social skills through group interaction and develop self-confidence.


We provide dance classes in Vaughan, for all levels; from beginner to advanced!

What Classes Do You Offer?

Our extensive dance program includes competitive and recreational Tap dance lessons, Jazz dance classes, Hip Hop dance classes, Ballet classes, Lyrical dance classes, Musical Theatre dance classes, Contemporary dance classes and Acro dance lessons. Featuring six state-of-the-art dance studios, Rugcutterz Danz Artz is the largest dance studio in Vaughan and York Region and offers one of the most comprehensive dance classes for kids serving the communities of Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Maple, Kleinburg, Richmond Hill, and King City.

How Can l Pay The Tuition Fees?

Tuition fees can be paid in 10 monthly installments from September to June using credit card authorization or post-dated cheques. You also have the option of paying for the tuition fees in full prior to the start of the dance season using Debit, Credit Card or Cash method of payment.

How Can I Contact The Dance Studio?

You can reach the front desk directly by calling 905.660.4169 ext. 1227 or via email at

Does Rugcutterz Danz Artz Have Annual Recitals?

All recreational dance students have the opportunity of performing on stage twice at our year-end dance recitals known as the Rugcutterz Danz Artz Extravaganzas.

How Old Does My Child Have To Be To Take Lessons At Rugcutterz?

Dance classes for kids start as young as 2.5 years of age. We also offer seasonal Mommy and Me dance classes for students ages 6 months to 3 years old.

Does The School Close During Inclement Weather?

Should Rugcutterz Danz Artz make the decision to close during inclement weather, all dance families will be notified by email and/or phone of the upcoming closure. There will be a make-up date held for all dance classes affected by a closure due to inclement  weather.

How Do I Know How My Child Is Doing In The Dance Class?

All students are assessed at the beginning of the dance season to ensure they are in the correct class for their skill level. Parents also receive Progress Reports mid dance season which let them know how their child is progressing within the dance class.

Do You Offer Sibling Discounts?

Yes we do, siblings receive 50% off tuition fees.

My child does not have any dance class experience, can they still join?

Yes! We teach dance classes for kids as young as 2.5 years of age to adult dance classes. We teach all skill levels of dancers from beginner to adult dance classes.

Is It Ok if I Enroll My Son in Ballet?

Yes. Ballet classes for kids are for both male and female students. Are you aware that many professional athletes participate in adult ballet classes to help strengthen their core muscles, balance and co-ordination.

Is Acro Dance Safe for My Kid?

Yes, Acro dance lessons are safe. Each student in Acro dance classes works to the individual skill level and will progress to the next step once the previous foundation has been learned. Acro dance lessons incorporate gymnastics and jazz together.

Can my child still enroll if the term has already started?

Yes they can. Rugcutterz recreational dance classes Vaughan start in September. Registration into our recreational dance programs can be accepted into January. Rugcutterz dance studio in Vaughan also hosts several 8-week dance programs throughout the year.

Will taking dancing interfere with the education of my child?

Not at all! Studies show that children who participate in dance classes for kids tend to perform better in the classroom. Dance requires discipline and focus, which translates to an improved academic performance. In addition, dance lessons help reinforce educational basics, like counting. Children also learn to differentiate right from left and fast from slow. In addition to improving coordination, dance routines build memory.

What classes are available for my pre-schooler?

We offer Ballet classes for kids, Jazz dance classes and Tap dance lessons for ages 3+. We start Hip Hop dance classes at 4 years of age. Dance classes for kids who are 3 years old are 30 minutes in length and classes for 4 to 5 years of age are 45 minutes.

Benefits of Dance

Kids have incredible energy levels and it is always good to have them engaged in meaningful activity. So many people naturally choose sports for their kids and this may be a great way to engage them physically but it’s not always suitable for younger children. Dance lessons Vaughan are an excellent option in this case. Rugcutterz dance studio in Vaughan offers dance lessons for kids of different ages starting from as young as 2 1/2.


Children are capable of dancing a lot earlier than they even get to start to speak. Dance is embedded in our DNA and it cuts across all cultures and age groups. It is crucial to ascertain its values on early child development.

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Dance is healthy.


The advancements in technology have made it possible to achieve so much without really moving around. We have thus become the zombie generation. Dancing is a great way to keep kids physically active and having fun at the same time.


Dancing is more or less like working out and kids who are active dancers will see amazing improvements in their physical health. Dance helps the body become more flexible and improves stamina. You also start to see better balance, better postures and a better cardiovascular condition.


Dance is also used in training by professional athletes in sports like football, basketball, soccer and hockey.


The amount of movement required by dancing during dance classes for kids engages the whole body and this lifts their fitness levels immensely. No other activity can rival dancing. Kids are quick learners and through dancing classes, they begin to understand and explore different forms of movement.



Dance fosters new relationships.


Apart from being a physically engaging activity, dancing also helps kids with their social lives. During the lessons, dancers get the opportunity to interact with new people, express themselves more fluently and work better with others as part of teams or groups. Rugcutterz dance classes Vaughan are comprised of kids in similar age brackets and kids are more comfortable interacting in these spaces. We provide a comfortable environment for them to get over their anxieties.


During dance classes for kids, children are allowed to learn in a conducive social atmosphere. They practice in turns and as a group and they learn how to work as a unit. They discover that communication can take place through the expression of ideas. Learning to be in unison with a group often helps strengthen the bonds between dancers.



Dance aids academic performance.


Studies show that children who participate in dance classes for kids tend to perform better in the classroom. Dance requires discipline and focus, which translates to an improved academic performance. In addition, dance lessons help reinforce educational basics, like counting. Children also learn to differentiate right from left and fast from slow.


In addition to improving coordination, dance routines taught during dance classes for kids, build a child’s memory.  Whether students are memorizing multiplication tables or complex algebraic algorithms, they’re using the same tools they would use to execute a dance routine.


Dance also helps open students minds to the arts and they can express their creativity a lot more.



Dance builds self-confidence.


At Rugcutterz, dance classes for kids, our kids go through all of the motions required of a dance routine, they get in tune with their own bodies and get more comfortable in their skin. This, in turn, helps build overall self-confidence. This is particularly helpful to those with a physical or mental impairment who have to go through serious emotional issues.


Dance also helps students overcome stage fright or fear of audiences. At Rugcutterz dance classes for kids, our instructors are properly trained on how to create an atmosphere that supports the students to build a positive self-image and an overall positive experience.



Dance improves emotional intelligence.


There is a lot of expression in dance and children are thus learning different ways of expressing their emotions. Through movement, dance classes for kids teach children to learn to express a variety of emotions with one another and in themselves and dance classes make it all possible in a safe and comfortable space.



Dance increases creativity.


Rugcutterz dance lessons Vaughan is an excellent environment to foster creativity in kids. They learn different forms of expression and can constructively demonstrate their creativity in a positive manner. This will be of so much use to them growing up.



Dance improves behaviour.


Focus, discipline and coordination are very crucial in dance classes for kids. This helps them with behavioural issues such as anxiety and hyperactivity. Dancing is an intriguing form of art as it helps calm the children and also serves as an output for their stored up energy.



Dancing Is Fun!


This is probably the most important benefit of dancing. Dance classes for kids find it so much fun and they get to be actively engaged in an exciting way. During this time they also pick up necessary social and emotional skills without even realizing it.

How To Choose The Best Dance Studio In Vaughan For Your Child

With so many dance studios in Vaughan to choose from, choosing the best dance classes for kids can be overwhelming. This comprehensive overview will get you started in making the right decision for your family.

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You will learn:

  • How to find information on dance studios in Vaughan
  • Questions to ask at the studio
  • Dance Styles
  • 10 Things to look for in a good dance studio in Vaughan
  • Why choose Rugcutterz Danz Artz
  • Why choose dance classes for kids
  • Top 10 reasons to dance




The Complete Guide To Choosing A Dance Studio


There are a few dance studios in Vaughan, along with community centers, schools and companies, each offering a variety of dance lessons for toddlers and kids dance classes. If you live in a larger town or city, you’re probably fortunate enough to have 5, 10 or even 20 studios within a comfortable driving distance of your home. But while the choice is nice, for those not familiar with the world of dance, it can make the task of choosing a dance class for girls or a dance class for boys confusing.


This Guide has been put together to help parents and guardians make an informed decision regarding dance lessons for toddlers and dance lessons for kids. Rugcutterz is a children dance school which teaches beginner dance classes, beginning ballet for kids as well as other discipline(s) including: hip hop dance classes, ballet dance classes, tap dance lessons, jazz dance classes, acro dance lessons, lyrical dance classes, contemporary dance classes and musical theatre dance classes.




Beginning The Selection Process


Before beginning the process of choosing the best dance school and the best dance programs for your child, there are some factors parents should consider. Thinking about the questions below is a great starting point and will eliminate potential studios even before you begin contacting studios.




Community Centre Programs vs. Dance Studio


Most recreational-type dance classes for kids, offered at community parks and recreation facilities, are introductory classes at best. Often the teachers at the community centre facilities are less experienced and there tends to be a higher staff turnover as many of the instructors are still students and teaching dance is just a part-time job, not a career. The facility itself is also not designed specifically for dance meaning there are no sprung floors, perhaps no mirrors and no dance barres.




How far are you willing to travel to a dance studio?


The location of a studio, especially for new clients, is an important factor to consider. Most people are comfortable with up to a 20-minute drive for their children’s activities. Some people may be willing to drive a bit longer if there are added benefits, such as a higher level of instruction and more program options.


Once you decide how far you’re willing to commute you can make a list of studios that are possible candidates. Once you have narrowed down your selection based on the location you will want to ask yourself the following:




What is the monthly amount budgeted for extra-curricular activities?


Although the monthly fees of most dance schools within a given area are usually pretty similar, you’ll want to determine what your budget is so that you can determine how many classes a week you can afford within your budget. You’ll also have to consider additional expenses such as dance shoes, tights, and any other dancewear. Most studios also hold a year-end recital for which you’ll be required to purchase a costume and tickets.




Are you looking for recreational or competitive dance programs?


Most dance studios offer clients recreational and/or competitive dance classes for kids. A child who is just starting out will register for one or more recreational classes in the dance discipline(s) of their choice, ie: hip hop dance classes, ballet dance classes, tap dance lessons, jazz dance classes, acro dance lessons, lyrical dance classes, contemporary dance classes to musical theatre dance classes. If your child shows an interest and an aptitude for a more intense dance program, you may want to consider a competition program after they have some experience. If that is the case you want to make sure the school you choose offers a complete range of programs, including a strong competitive program so that if the need arises you won’t have to switch schools.




How much time are you willing to commit to your child’s dance program?


Dance classes for kids is an activity that can be done one hour a week or 10+ hours a week depending if you are in Recreational or Competitive dance. Typically younger dancers in the 3-5 year-old age group who are just starting out would take one class a week. The following year they can add another type of dance to their schedule. An older dancer in the 10-13 year-old group is usually able to handle four or five classes a week.




Where to Find Information on Dance Studios


Once you have decided what you are looking for in a dance studio when it comes to programs, cost and level of commitment required, you are ready to begin the task of looking for potential studios.



Flyers and Advertisements

Information about your area dance studios will often come right to your mailbox in the form of a brochure, flyer or advertisement in your local paper. Use this as your starting point. Most brochures or advertisements should include a summary of what programs the school offers. So, for example, if your child is interested in Musical Theatre dance classes and a particular school doesn’t offer that program, then you can cross that school off your list.



Studio Websites

Another source of information can come from a studio’s website. Having a professional, regularly updated website is an indication that a studio is concerned with its image and strives to keep its clients informed using the most current and efficient technology. A good studio website will offer program information, a calendar of events, class schedules, photos of its dancers, the overview of the school’s philosophy and a summary of its policies.



Newspaper / Media Articles

Keep an eye out for news stories in your local paper about studios in your area, or watch your local television station for additional coverage. Often the media reports new studio openings, open houses, competition results, new staff announcements etc.



Other Parents

Speaking with other parents / guardians can also be a good source of information about dance studios. Find out where your child’s friends are dancing or where the neighbour’s kids are dancing. Ask parents / guardians about their overall satisfaction with the studio they are attending.




Questions to ask at the studio


Once you have narrowed your search for a dance studio down to a few it’s time to make an appointment to see the studio. When visiting the studio you may want to ask the following questions:



What is the philosophy of the studio and its owners?

Knowing the philosophy of the studio will be helpful in determining if they offer a good fit for you and your child.



What level of training/accomplishments have the teachers attained?

There are many unqualified teachers claiming to be dance teachers. Having attended a few classes when they were a child does not automatically make them qualified to teach your child. Find out how long the staff has been teaching, where they trained, and what organizations they belong to. Finally, when entrusting your child’s welfare to the studio, choose one that inspires the children, conducts orderly classes as well as has a strong emphasis on learning proper technique.


At Rugcutterz Danz Artz, our knowledgeable, passionate and award-winning staff nurtures each child in a challenging, caring and motivational atmosphere. They have trained, developed and inspired our students to achieve their goals and reach their potential.


Our staff have studied at the most reputable and respected dance schools and trained with well-known choreographers. All have performance experience. We believe each dancer is a precious gift and it’s our responsibility to appreciate that gift.



What is the atmosphere/environment of the studio?

Ask them if they are strict about attendance, uniforms etc. and to find out if their policies work for you and your child. Try and visit during an actual dance day to see the studio in action.



What are the fees?

Inquire about the cost of tuition. Many people look for the least expensive classes, without comparing the quality of the programs.




Dance Styles



Ballet Dance Classes in Vaughan

Forms of Ballet technique are an essential part of all types of dance. Rugcutterz Danz Artz focuses on correct posture, coordination, strengthening of the muscles and improving the positioning of the arms. As a leading provider of Ballet dance classes for kids in Vaughan, we offer Royal Academy of Dance Examination classes. Student placement is determined by skill level. Please contact Rugcutterz Danz Artz for further information.



Jazz Dance Classes in Vaughan

Jazz is one of the most popular and energetic forms of dance. Jazz combines the technique learned in Ballet and translates it into faster more stylized movements. Jazz dance classes for kids in Vaughan provides an enjoyable, entertaining, lively workout for your kids.



Lyrical Dance Classes in Vaughan

It is the combination of Jazz and Ballet put together in a very expressive style that is usually danced to slower paced music. Rugcutterz Danz Artz is a leading provider of Lyrical dance classes for kids in Vaughan.



Tap Dance Classes in Vaughan

Tap dancing is a fun and lively way to exercise and you use your feet as the main instrument to show rhythm and co-ordination through various combinations of intricate steps. Tap dance classes for kids in Vaughan provide a lively and energetic workout for your kids.



Acro Dance Classes in Vaughan

Acrobatics, or ‘Acro’, is a dance style that focuses on balances, tumbling and movements that show off flexibility. Acro dance incorporates acrobatic movements into dance routines and it focuses on concentration, balance, flexibility and control. Rugcutterz Danz Artz is a leading provider of Acro dance lessons for kids in Vaughan.



Hip Hop Dance Classes in Vaughan

Your child can learn the latest moves by taking Hip Hop dance classes in Vaughan at Rugcutterz Danz Artz. Our skilled instructors will teach your children the same moves they see dancers perform in their favourite Hip Hop videos. Our Hip Hop dance classes for kids in Vaughan are perfect to keep your child active.



Musical Theatre Dance Classes in Vaughan

Loads of fun, this program combines dance movements with acting and performance skills. Routines are inspired by musicals and movies. Rugcutterz Danz Artz is a leading provider of fun and exciting Musical Theatre dance classes for kids in Vaughan.



Contemporary Dance Classes in Vaughan

Popular to audiences and dancers alike, it portrays the world through the eyes of the dancer, their experiences, stories and emotions. Rugcutterz Danz Artz is a leading provider of Contemporary dance classes for kids in Vaughan.




Top 10 Things to Look for in a Good Studio


  1. Qualified Teaching Staff
  2. Professional Studios With Sprung Floors, Mirrors And Proper Sound System
  3. Orderly And Organized Dance Classes
  4. Friendly And Knowledgeable Administrative Staff
  5. Variety Of Recreational And Competitive Programs
  6. Motivating, Positive And Encouraging Environment
  7. Reasonable Class Sizes
  8. Performance Opportunities For Recreational And Competitive Dancers
  9. Community Involvement/Recognition
  10. Clean Change Rooms And Washrooms




Why Choose Rugcutterz Danz Artz?



Facility – Conveniently located in the heart of Vaughan, Rugcutterz Danz Artz is the largest dance studio in Vaughan and the York Region, featuring more than 15,000 square feet, with six spacious studios, each complete with mirrors and sprung floors to prevent injury. There are separate male and female change rooms, wifi, a large lunchroom and a kitchen.


Experienced, Dedicated Staff – Our knowledgeable, passionate and award-winning staff nurtures each child in a challenging, caring and motivational atmosphere. They have trained, developed and inspired our students to achieve their goals and reach their potential. They all carry a valid first aid certificate.


Our staff have studied at the most reputable and respected dance schools and trained with well-known choreographers. All have performance experience.


Affordable, Quality Programs – Rugcutterz offers a complete line-up of affordable recreational and competitive dance classes for kids along with adult programs from Hip Hop dance classes, Ballet dance classes, Tap dance lessons, Jazz dance classes, Acro dance lessons, Lyrical dance classes, Contemporary dance classes to Musical Theatre dance classes.


Award-Winning Competitive Team – Rugcutterz Danz Artz participates in a number of local and national competitions and consistently earns top marks in its routines.


Exciting Year-end Recital – Our young dancers are given a chance to perform twice under the bright lights of a professional stage during the year-end recital.


Year End Parties – As a way of saying thank you for being part of the Rugcutterz family, we host 3 FREE year-end parties for our students and families to celebrate the students accomplishments. All dance families are encouraged to attend.


Top Choice Award – Rugcutterz has won the Top Choice Award for Top Children’s Dance Studio in Vaughan since 2006.


The Extra Mile – Rugcutterz Danz Artz strives to make every dancer feel special. That’s why we go the extra step offering all our dancers little extras, like the free online yearbook at the end of the season highlighting the year of dance.


Community Participation – Rugcutterz Danz Artz is a proud member of the community and honours the many requests it receives for dancers to perform at various fundraising functions.




Why Choose Dance?


Dance is one of the most popular after-school activities in Canada. Maybe it’s because recreation dance is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities or maybe it’s because dance allows people to enjoy their natural appreciation for music. Whatever the reason for its mass appeal, one thing is for sure, the benefits which participants reap from dance can last a lifetime.




Top 10 Reasons to Dance


  1. Dance is FUN.
  2. Dance is a GREAT workout and improves flexibility.
  3. Dance enhances children’s physical, mental and emotional development.
  4. Dance builds self-esteem.
  5. Dance improves balance, posture and co-ordination which can lead to improvements in other sports or activities.
  6. The variety of dance forms available ensure children won’t get bored. There’s a class for everyone.
  7. Dance helps increase confidence. By giving children a chance to perform on stage, they learn how to be comfortable in front of an audience.
  8. Dance is appreciated by all cultures and is something that can be shared between generations.
  9. Dance class offers children an opportunity to make new friends.
  10. Dancing makes people happy and raisesendorphin levels.






Thank you so much for the guidance, direction and motivation you have instilled in my girls, Victoria, Sabrina and Jessica. In the last few years at Rugcutterz, they have developed in creativity and technique. They absolutely love to dance, but more than that they love Rugcutterz. The dance instructors/choreographers are top notches. They are not only instructors but friends and team players. Everyone at Rugcutterz works together to create some of the most wonderful performances. Each year, l look forward to the routines, especially. Miss Kim’s spectacular productions, which my girls are so proud to be a part of. Rugcutterz has truly been a rewarding experience for all.



Having my daughter dance at Rugcutterz Danz Artz has been a wonderful experience. It has helped build her confidence and self-esteem. She has grown into a beautiful and talented dancer. The choreography is outstanding and each year it continues to exceed expectations.



I just want to say what a fabulous job Rugcutterz did! I really enjoyed the performance by all and l am so happy my daughter is a part of this.



We just wanted to tell you what a wonderful dance experience Vanessa, Alessia, and Angelica had this past year. You have a very professional studio, staff, and everyone we came into contact with was just terrific. The girls are looking forward to coming back in September.

Carmela and Jim


My daughter Sienna just finished her second week at camp with Rugcutterz and had a great time. Thank you!



As a family, we have become very connected to Rugcutterz through a mutual love of dance. But Rugcutterz teaches more than just dance. Children also develop important life skills such as discipline, commitment, dedication, goal setting, self-awareness and team spirit. Through dedicated teachers and staff, children can fulfil their passion for dance in a supportive and fun environment. Our journey continues.



We would just like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for all that your studio does! Your incredible dance and office staff create a great environment for children of any age to flourish in! our daughter is in your 3-year-old Ballet and Jazz classes on Saturday mornings and she has had an incredible year with you! Once again we want to thank you. Rugcutterz provided us with the opportunity to watch our daughter achieve success. Thank you and see you next year.

Jeff and Lisa


Our kids have been dancing for a while and we have tried a couple of dance studios…but there is no place like Rugcutterz where our kids feel like at home, they are so happy to come to the studio and interact with their teachers and friends…The atmosphere created here is very warming and encouraging. And although it is physically challenging for competitive dancers to practice so many hours per week, our kids are always happy and excited about their dance classes and absolutely thrilled and proud to represent Rugcutterz at dance competitions.