7 Ways Dance can Improve Children’s Mental Health

Dance Mental Health

7 Ways Dance can Improve Children’s Mental Health

Dance can be a great way to build children’s physical and mental health.  Joining an extracurricular activity can improve their mood, self-confidence, and relieve anxiety. Learn how dance classes can improve a child’s mental health, teach them creative skills and how to express themselves.

1.  Build Self-Confidence

Dance can help build self-confidence in children, helping them to feel healthier both physically and mentally. Trust and support is necessary in a dance group, and these feelings can support positive emotions and allow children to feel more confident in a group setting.  

2. Develop Social Skills & Create Friendships

Extracurriculars help children form social connections, and dance classes are especially good for building close friendships due to the need for group work and cooperation.  Dance friendships can last a lifetime, and Rugcutterz dance classes help children build teamwork and trust with their peers as they learn. 

3. Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Dance classes can help to relieve stress and anxiety, as children learn coping mechanisms to help them regulate emotions.  Movement produces endorphins, improving mood, and burns energy that can help to relieve stress and anxiety in a healthy way.  

4. Encourage Creative Thinking

Dance allows children to express themselves, be creative, and explore their emotions. The skills they learn in dance class will help them to develop their creativity and become comfortable with experimentation.  They might even create their own dance routines! 

5. Learn to Express Themselves

Through dance, children can express their emotions in a fun, positive manner, and learn to confidently be themselves.  Rugcutterz provides a welcoming, non-judgemental space to all student dancers, and our staff and instructors are chosen not only for their dance qualifications, but also for their caring and patient approach to teaching. 

6. Get Their Body Moving 

Get your child’s body moving with dance! Physical movement causes a release of endorphins, helping to regulate mood, and allows children to expend excess energy.  Children will also learn physical skills, increasing coordination, strength, and stamina when they attend dance classes.  

7. Learn Healthy Habits

Extracurricular activities like dance can help your child build healthy habits.  Learning a routine teaches discipline, listening skills, teamwork, and responsibility.  Building habits and a routine can help ease anxiety and improve mental health. 

At Rugcutterz, we prioritize children’s wellness and mental health, teaching them skills that will assist them in their development and help them thrive in multiple settings. We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming, open learning environment where children can thrive, without being pressured.  

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