6 Ways To Motivate Yourself As A Dancer

6 Ways To Motivate Yourself As A Dancer

It is not unusual for dancers to feel unmotivated, uninspired, or burnt out at times during their dance careers. In fact, every dancer is highly likely to experience these feelings at one point or another! Although it is unfortunate and you are probably experiencing sad and confusing thoughts associated with your lack of motivation for your art, Rugcutterz Danz Artz has some helpful tips and tricks to get you back up on your dancing feet!

Just Keep Dancing
Sometimes all it takes to break you out of a funk is to break into a funk! Just start dancing and keep dancing even if it doesn’t “feel right” or “feel normal”. Like tending to a fire, your constant prodding at your passion will eventually spark a flame again! In the meantime, just keep dancing!

Watch Dance Videos
Watching others do the thing that you love to do can be very helpful in inspiring you to dance again. Try watching dance videos that are out of your comfort zone or aren’t in your particular style. If that doesn’t work, try watching dance challenges (and maybe making up one of your own)!

Try Out A Different Style
Your uninspired attitude toward dance might be tied to the confidence (or boredom) with your particular style. To break out of this feeling, try out a new dance style and see how you like it! Moving in a different way and challenging yourself in this way can be super effective!

Create a Vision Board
Try extending past your body and into your mind with a vision board! Gather up pictures of things that represent your passion and goals in dance and put them up on aboard. Hang this board somewhere you will always see it so that you are always reminded of what is more important to you!

Your current inability/ disinterest in dancing might be your body’s way of telling you that it is tired or overworked! Take some time for yourself to relax, which will help build your motivation to dance again. Try relaxing activities like taking a bath, reading a book, taking a walk, listening to music, and drinking tea whenever you aren’t dancing!

Talk It Out
Have you tried pretty much everything on this list, but you still feel unmotivated? That’s okay! Another helpful thing you can do is just talk to someone you trust about your feelings! This can be your family, friends, or dance teachers. Talking to someone you trust can help you to get to the root of your feelings towards dancing. They will also be able to support you throughout your journey without judgment!

Don’t worry too much if you begin to feel unmotivated towards dancing. It is totally normal for artists to go through dull periods of not being creative and a lack of motivation. This doesn’t make you any less of a dancer and it surely doesn’t mean that you are losing your passion! The professional dance teachers at Rugcutterz Danz Artz know this first-hand!

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