5 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Dance

5 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is Ready To Dance

As an experienced Vaughan dance studio, we have learned throughout the years that children develop at various rates. When it comes to taking a dance class, the stage of your child’s development is very important as certain essential developmental milestones must be met before a child can have a good, healthy, and enriching experience taking dance classes. If you’re wondering whether your child is ready to start classes, read our handy list below.

Your Child is Potty Trained.

Being potty trained is an essential for dance lessons. Children who are not potty trained can cause disturbances in class that would take time to handle. This would take away valuable teaching moments from your child and the other children. To avoid distractions and disturbances, be sure your child is potty trained before starting dance classes.

Your Child is Comfortable Being Away Their Parent or Guardian For Extended Periods of Time.

As a child, being away from your parent or guardian is scary. When a child is uncomfortable without their parent, they have the tendency to be scared or irritable and unwilling to do things and therefore cause disturbances in class. Before enrolling your child in a dance class, make sure that they are comfortable with being away from parents and/our guardians by slowly teaching them.

Your Child is Able to Sit and Listen for 5 to 10 Minute Intervals.

Dancing classes are just that—a class. The exchange of information and technique in a dance class is dependent on how much your child can sit still, listen, and watch their instructor. If your child is unable to sit and listen to their instructor for short periods of time, not only will they not gain valuable lessons and information, they will likely cause disturbances to the rest of the class.

Your Child Can Follow Simple Instructions.

Similar to the ability to sit and listen for short intervals, following simple instructions is also essential in a dance class. Your child will be asked to do things such as raise their hands, point their toes, and skip. If your child is not able to follow simple instructions, they may not gain anything of value from the class and may cause distractions for other students.

Your Child Has Already Been Exposed To Social Settings.

New social settings can be intimidating and scary for children, especially young ones. If your child isn’t used to them, they may behave in ways that cause disturbances or distractions. If your child isn’t ready to be thrown into social settings/ aren’t yet used to them, their dance class experience may be associated with negative emotions. Be sure that your child is ready for new experiences and social settings so that they can have the best time possible.

Rugcutterz Danz Arts Dance Studio Vaughan can make your dance class experience exceptional. Our award winning and highly knowledgeable staff will teach your children the art of dance while still being fun. Dance classes, especially at Rugcutterz Danz Artz, is an exciting new activity to take part in but for you and your child to get the most out of your experience, be sure to check off each of the requirements above.