5 Ways Dance Helps Children In School

5 Ways Dance Helps Children In School

Back To School season also means Back To Dance season and we at Rugcutterz Danz Artz couldn’t be more excited. Although we are not an academic school, Rugcutterz Danz Artz is still a place of education. We highly value to skills and attributes that make a good learner and promote them in our own facilities and dance classes. Here are 5 ways that dance helps children learn both in a studio and in a classroom.

Helps Focus

Learning a dance comes with determination, dedication, and focus. Focus is required to pay attention to intricate movements that dancers must learn. As children go through dance applying these learning practices, they will naturally carry them into their school education.

Helps Memory

As a dancer, you must develop a good memory in order to keep up with the rest of a class learning a routine. Your memory must be able to memorize small details and unique movements in order to successfully preform a dance number. As dancers are trained to do this, this will also naturally become usefully in their school education, allowing dance children to remember things easily.

Helps Socialization

School isn’t only about learning subjects; it’s about learning about people, too. Dance helps children learn socialization. Through working as part of a team in dance, children learn to develop trust and cooperation, kindness and empathy, qualities that are extended into the classroom.

Helps Creativity

Due to its nature of being an art, dance is a highly creative activity. Being in a dance environment encourages creativity and imagination in other endeavors in a child’s life, especially when this creative environment is reinforced early.

Helps Cognitive Development

Dance classes teach kids self-discipline and time management. This will be useful in their education in the future as it will be easier for them to balance school, dance, other extracurricular, and a social life.

Other than being a great asset in terms of acquiring useful skills, dance is a fun activity for children. It keeps both their bodies and this brains in motion in an activity that is fun and enjoyable. If your child seems interested in dance classes, call Rugcutterz Danz Artz today and enroll them in classes for their preferred style. Call us today at 905.660.4169 for more information or to register today!