5 Healthy Habits That Dancers Should Have

5 Healthy Habits That Dancers Should Have

Dancers live special lives that revolve around sport, health, art, respect, commitment, and passion. When you’re a dancer, you do everything that you can to incorporate these elements in your life and be the best dancer you can be. There are many different things that you can do to grow yourself as a dancer, but here are the 5 habits that every dancer should get into if they want to succeed:

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet makes a healthy body! Your body needs to be in prime condition in order to dance. Fueling your body with the nutrients it needs will keep your body in tip-top condition so that you can keep dancing on your tip-toes!

Good Posture

Whether you are waiting for your dance class to start, are sitting around at home, or waiting in line at the grocery store, you should always be paying attention to your posture. As a dancer, your posture plays a big role in the elegance of your performance. Be aware of how you hold yourself and correct your posture when you notice something is wrong.


Punctuality is important in all facets of life. Being punctual lets people around you know that you respect them and value their time as much as you value your own. When you work in a team, as you usually do in dance classes, be punctual so that you don’t hold up the class and so that you show your classmates and teachers that you are excited and prepared.


Even if your particular style of dance doesn’t necessarily require extreme flexibility, it is still important to stretch your body. Stretching does lend your body into becoming more flexible but, more importantly, it warms up your body which reduces chances of injury. Take 5-10 minutes before class to do some quick but effective stretches and really prep your body.


It may seem redundant to practice your routines on your free time before or after dance class, you may not even want to do it, but as they say… practice makes perfect! Staying dedicated to your art will only help you improve faster!

These healthy habits will keep you healthy and active so that you can reach your dancing goals! If you are looking for a dance studio to help you become the best dancer that you can be, join a dance class at Rugcutterz Danz Artz today and learn your preferred style from our experienced and talented dance teachers. Call us today at 905.660.4169 to register.