4 Benefits of Learning Ballet

Ballet Dance

4 Benefits of Learning Ballet

Have you always wanted to be a ballerina? Have you always wanted to float elegantly around a dance floor on nimble tip-toes? Ballet may look easy and effortless– that’s what ballet dancers are taught to portray. After all– but it is actually a very difficult dance to learn and perform! Although you may struggle, stumble, and fall on throughout their endeavour to learn ballet, there are 4 key benefits that ballet teaches you that you can take with you into the rest of your life:

Ballet Body

When you learn ballet, you begin to develop a “ballet body”. This means that you train yourself to sit up straight, keep your neck high, your shoulders back, and etc, thereby correcting and improving your posture. And it won’t stop once you leave your dance class! You’ll find yourself sitting and standing straighter, keeping yourself aligned, moving elegantly, and more everywhere you go!

Happy Hormones

People continue in their study of ballet because they absolutely love it; only dedication, commitment, and passion can carry someone through the difficulties of learning this style of dance. Because of this love for the dance and the physical energy that it takes to perform it, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine that helps you feel happy and joyful!

Social Environment

Remember that thing we said about dedication, commitment, and passion about ballet? Those same qualities in relation to ballet often makes it hard to make friends with similar interests. However, if you continue in the study of dance, you will meet many people who share the same interest and passion as you do! It is a great opportunity to make life-lasting friendships!


Ballerinas are beautiful, expressive, creative, elegant dancers. They display so much skill and make it look effortless and graceful, as if they can do it in their sleep. When you learn how to do this yourself, you’re sure to feel really, really good about yourself.

Ballet is one of the most classic and beautiful dance styles that you can learn but above all the superficial things that it offers you, it also offers you life lessons that you can carry into your future. Have fun and learn essential skills in ballet classes at the award winning studio Rugcutterz Danz Artz! Call us today at 905.660.4169 to register!