3 Ways To Improve Your Dance Posture

3 Ways To Improve Your Dance Posture

Dancers are known for being effortless, graceful, and absolutely gorgeous in their movements. To achieve all of these things, one must have proper posture. Proper posture demonstrates a healthy body that looks almost as if it defies gravity with every movement. Unfortunately, many things in our everyday life can negatively affect posture and must be corrected. Here are the 3 things that you can do to better your posture and improve your dancing:

Breathing Exercises
People often overlook the importance of breathing when it comes to posture. To ensure that your body is properly aligned, your breathing should come from your abdomen. This not only helps the body to relax but helps the mind feel calmer. To know that you are breathing properly, place your hand on your abdomen and breathe in and out. If you feel your hand and abdomen move outwards as you inhale and inwards as you exhale, you are breathing properly!

Exercise Your Core
Your body relies on core strength to dance efficiently and gracefully. In fact, most everyday activities require core strength. Be sure to work out your core often, while also ensuring that you take adequate breaks in order to repair tired muscles. Be sure to target muscle areas such as the transverse abdominous, the multifidus, and the pelvic floor.

Stretch It Out
Stretching is severely underrated in everyday life; however, it is absolutely essential in dancing. Most dance styles require dancers to be flexible and nimble and if you are not able to push your body to certain points of flexibility, you simply will not be able to effectively perform the dance. To avoid this, take time out of your day to stretch your body and ensure that it is always loose and functional for dancing.

As dancers, you should always strive for the best posture. Doing these 3 simple things every day can drastically, and positively, affect your overall performance. In fact, it will benefit you throughout your life outside of dance in that it will reduce your risk for injury and maximize your bodily functions.

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