10 Things To Remember For Dance Class

10 Things To Remember For Dance Class

Are you or you child a beginner to dance? Are you confused about how to prepare for a dance class? Do you need a bit of guidance? Make the most out of your dance classes with these 10 helpful tips brought to you by Rugcutterz Danz Artz, the largest award winning dance studio in Vaughan.

Eat a healthy meal before class.

Energy comes from food. Be sure to eat a nutrient filled meal before class so that you have what it takes to move and dance

Make sure you’re wearing the right attire and shoes.

Anyone can be forgetful at times but it’s important to be wearing the appropriate things for certain types of dance. After all, you can’t dance tap without your tap shoes!

Be sure you’re hydrated and bring water with you.

Remember that it is always important to stay hydrated. You won’t have fun dancing if you’re thirsty.

Use the bathroom before class.

Bathroom breaks mean that you’ll be missing out on some of the fun. Use the bathroom before classes to make sure you don’t disturb your own or your classmate’s learning process.

Stay active even outside of class.

Condition your body to perform its best so you do your best in class, too!

Ask questions if you’re confused.

Everyone learns in his or her own individual way. If you need help with something or are confused, ask away

Get there early.

Arriving early not only shows that you’re ready to learn, it also gives you time to say “hi” to your fellow dance friends! Plus, arriving early gives you all the time you need to get yourself set up and ready to go!

Trust and respect your teacher.

Your teacher has probably been dancing for years. Trust them and respect them so that you can have the best experience possible.

Support your friends.

Be a good team player and person by clapping for your friends when appropriate and telling them that they did a good job. Everyone needs a bit of support and encouragement.

Get excited!

Dance class is about to start!

Enjoy dance for everything it has to offer. If you or your child is interested in dance, give it a try! Rugcutterz Danz Artz has various dance classes including balletjazzhip hop, tapmusical theatrelyrical, and more. Rugcutterz encourages fun, fitness, and friendship so get moving and get excited at Rugcutterz Danz Artz, Vaughan’s top children dance studio since 2006. Call us today at 905.660.4169 to register!