10 Reasons your Child should DANCE!

Child Dance Feet

10 Reasons your Child should DANCE!

Does your child love to dance? There are many benefits to children who enroll in dance classes. Children can benefit both physically and mentally from participating in extra-curricular activities such as dance. Join us for 10 reasons your child should dance! 

1. Mental health

Dance is a great way to improve a child’s mental health.  From relieving stress and anxiety to learning important skills such as relationship-building and creative thinking, dance can help children grow and develop. 

2. Less Screen Time

In today’s world, children are constantly exposed to screens—whether it’s online learning, watching television, or even video-chatting with relatives. Participating in dance classes gives children much-needed time away from the screen, allowing them to be active, have fun and flex their creative muscles. 

3. Improve Health

Is your child active daily? It is recommended that children get a minimum one hour a day of rigorous physical activity, allowing them to build and strengthen their bones, build muscles, and improve their cardio-vascular stamina. Dance is great exercise, allowing children to engage in physical activity while also engaging their minds and improving overall health. 

4. Improve School Grades

Participating in extra-curricular activities increases a child’s connection to their peers, raises their self-esteem, and builds positive behaviours that allow them to perform well in school. Activities such as dance help build creative thinking, concentration, and memory skills which will translate from the studio to the classroom.

5. Develop Self Esteem

Achieving milestones while dancing can help children feel comfortable in themselves, physically and mentally, building self-esteem and confidence. Children who dance are surrounded by a positive atmosphere of trust and support, and feel self-assured with their friends, strive to achieve their goals, and confident in their abilities. 

6. Teach Discipline

Dance is great for physical exercise, but also helps teach children discipline. Not only must a child attend regular classes, they will need to learn skills such as complex footwork, skills, and routines that require practice and concentration. Children will learn to listen to teachers, work with peers, and share their space to succeed together. 

7. Develops Social Skills

While dance may seem like an individual sport, it is in fact very group oriented! Students will learn to cooperate with others, take turns, and help classmates, all while building life-long friendships. Dance studios are made up of a diverse group of people from all walks of life, and children will expand their social horizons and experiences. 

8. Handle Challenges Confidently

Does your child enjoy taking on challenges? Children who dance are challenged both physically and mentally as they learn a diverse range of skills and techniques. Dance students will learn to take on and overcome challenges confidently as they learn alongside their peers in an encouraging environment. There is no challenge too great for a dancer to take on! 

9. Foster Independence

While dance is a team sport, students must also work independently to practice and learn their skills. Whether this means taking time after school to practice at home, learning to confidently ask their friends or instructors for help, or walking into a classroom full of new faces, dancers will build the skills needed to be strong and independent. 

10. Develop Coordination

Dancers are great athletes, and being a dancer means children will build strength and coordination through their practice. Learning jumps, spins, and other complex skills and routines helps increase a child’s body awareness and coordination. Developing body awareness at a young age will help your child grow and foster a long-term love physical activity and exercise. 

There are many reasons why a child should dance, and at Rugcutterz we prioritize children’s physical and mental wellbeing, providing a welcoming, non-judgemental space for them to learn and grow. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our Dance Family… your child will love to DANCE with us!

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