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February Alumni of the Month: Emma Marin

Meet Emma Marin, she is the February Alumnus of Rugcutterz Danz Artz. Emma has been with Rugcutterz since it’s opening and continues to share in her love and passion for dance by teaching the next generation of students here.

Please introduce yourself

Emma: Hi, my name is Emma Marin and I am currently working at Rugcutterz.

How long have you been dancing for?

Emma: I have been dancing for 15 years.

When did you start dancing at Rugcutterz?

Emma: I started dancing at Rugcutterz when it officially opened. So, I have been here for 12 seasons.

What do you love most about dance?

Emma: Performing and being on stage!

What was your most memorable routine?

Emma: My most memorable routine is the top-secret mermaid dance that we did; so we had mermaid tails and they were hidden in a garbage bag for the whole season until we went on stage. We had a dock with slides and it looked like water, and we were mermaids so all we had to use was our arms. Our feet were together in the tails so it was all upper body strength. It was a lot of fun.

Do you have any words of advice for kids who want to dance?

Emma: Follow your dreams. I find that if you want to be performing and if you have that confidence to be out on stage, go with it because there is no turning back. Once your time is up then it is up, but at Rugcutterz you are always welcome back. We have alumni’s that come back year after year.

What is your most treasured memory at Rugcutterz?

Emma: I think just being here 24/7. We have made so many memories. We have made so many jokes being here, and I think staying here until “question mark” not knowing when we were going to be done on the weekend and just living, breathing and being in the studio 24/7.


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